Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something Lovely For My Stuff...

I am not a big handbag/clutch/purse person. I've been carrying around the same black "sac" a la Target since 2001. It has worn to a nice black-grey color and fits everything I need without being overly large, but I'll be the first to admit that it's u.g.l.y. I don't have a great selection of "going out" bags either. Usually I'll just use the black sac, or, depending on the outfit, my small black clutch with pink polka dots or this tealish-pewter thing I bought in a pinch while traveling for work. These are okay, but like I've said I've never really been awe-struck by a bag... until I saw these Tuxedo Cherbu envelope clutches by Nelle Handbags! I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I could use one for a night out with the ladies wearing jeans and a sweater or to some fancy shindig (because I go to oh-so-many of those). It might be worth the investment just so I don't end up at weddings this year sporting the tealish-pewter thing! (I would like it in the purple, green, off-white and dark silver color please!)

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