Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something Lovely for My Table...

I've love the look of a mix matched dining table. There's definitely a time and place for refined elegance or true simplicity, but I appreciate a table set with some whimsy and fun. Enter my Napkin Collections. My Napkin Collections don't exactly exist yet due to (a) lack of time, (b) lack of funds, (c) lack of convincing A. that having a napkin with a Cowboy motif is necessary (sometimes it just is).

But someday it will be a reality. I want to have a huge pile of napkins made from random, fabulous fabric. So random that you can dress your table with endless combinations of napkins to fit any type of soiree. For example, when I invite my ladies over for some cupcakes and tea-- who am I kidding? Cupcakes and champagne-- I will serve it wearing the apron mentioned here and set the table with these fantastic napkins. In case you can't tell, the bottom left has frogs on it which I find wonderful. Chances are I will be serving aforementioned champagne out of my multi-colored Depression Glassware tea cups. ... Because I feel like it.

(Top Row L- R)
1. Drawing Room Sketchbook from ReproDepot $14.95/yd (see what I mean about not having the moolah for this project?)
2. Michael Miller Ginger Blossom Vintage Dots Breeze $8.98/yd
3. Sweet Mod Floral in butter at Repot Depot $8.50/yd
4. Yellow Frog Prince at purl soho $18.00/yd
5. Vintage Cherries, Spring at tonic living $8.95/yd
6. Vintage Stripe Blush at tonic living $8.95

Up next... more Napkin Collection fun, including the promised Cowboy motif!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm sorry for not blogging in just about forever. When I got Welshie's comment requesting my return, I couldn't believe I hadn't blogged since the end of April! Shame on me... In my defense life has been ridiculously crazy, as I'm sure it has for everyone. I worked every day from May 11th to June 4th. Partially in Chicago, partially in CT and partially in White Plains, NY. Most days had me coming home around between 9 and midnight, if not working overnight. Plus working on wedding plans (holy cow 114 days!?!?!?!) and getting ready for my friends wedding last weekend.

Okay, that was a pretty good "woe is me, I have no time to do fun things anymore" rant. But things should be calming down somewhat now. I'm off to Anaheim next week so hopefully I'll have time to catch up. I'm flying out on my birthday (booo) so I think I'll have to buy myself an airline cocktail. Though, truth be told, I fly so much I have coupons galore for free cocktails.

Now with my rant and my promise to be better complete, I will spend my lunch hour looking for something fun to post about!