Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something Lovely: For Your Home

I love anything made of fabric. I don't know if it's the the texture or the color choices, but fabric warms up a room and provides visual interest in a subtle way (unless you're working with some loud Hawaiin print of course).
That's why I'm so drawn to these Knitware Vases by alyssaettinger. They may not be actual fabric, but the knit pattern is so beautiful and toasty-looking! A couple of single stems of a vibrant ranunculus and a cluster of these would be a perfect coffee table centerpiece.

The vases shown are actually "seconds" sold on her etsy site. I think I would probably prefer these to the "firsts" because my knitting never comes out perfect either!

Awesome Sign of the Day; pixeljones photostream

I love old retro signs! This one is fantastic. I'd let Renee beautify me any day!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspiration Board: Laid Back Summer Lunch

Top Row:
-Photo from Snippit & Ink
-Mason Jars accent the recycled glass decanter; Photo by Squire Fox, Tricia
-Invitations don't have to be reserved for only the most formal parties. Hand deliver them a couple of weeks ahead of time so your friends can mark their calendars. Invites by SaveTheDate,
Middle Row:
-Keep the lunch easy with picnic sandwiches and salads;
-Recycled glass decanter inspiration;
-A simple dessert of nectarines, lavendar, honey and greek yogurt make for a refreshing end to the meal;
Bottom Row:
-A curtained off Outdoor Living Space provides the best of both worlds;
-Provide plenty of pillows for lounging and relaxing before, during and after the meal;
-Bamboo plates are a simple accent to a picnic lunch;

Something Lovely: For My Table...

I recently heard on Martha Stewart Radio (I was blessed with XM Radio for a day) that 95% of today's wines are meant to be enjoyed immediately and therefore don't need to be decanted, but I love love love this decanter! It would be perfect for some Cab, lemonade or Caipirinhas (my favorite drink from my Chile visit).

It would go perfectly with the Outdoor Living Area I will have someday...

The Friday Cupcake...

Dainge, as my first (and probably only) reader and a most avid knitter... today's "Friday Cupcake" (yes, I think every Friday should have a Cupcake) is dedicated to you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Lovely For My Hair...

I'm donning the traditional veil for my October Wedding, but don't want have to worry about it during the reception so I'm thinking about a flowery piece instead and I absolutely love these from my favorite etsy shops:

Left Top: PETALS - Winter flower in golden brown sunset colour changing organza and taffeta by MGMart; Right Top: Muscari Persimmon Woodland Feather Flower by EasterYu ; Bottom: Muscari Brown, Ivory, and Rust Woodland Feather Flower 2 by Easter Yu (reserved, sorry!)

Of course, I won't be doing the smart, time saving thing and let the professionals make one of these beauties! I'm going to take a crack at it myself. If it comes even close I'll post pictures... (if I can ever figure out how to format this thing!)

Sad Day...

I love my magazine subscriptions: Gourmet, Martha Stewart Weddings and Domino. To me they rounded out my interests quite well, but yesterday (with hardly disguised glee) my fiance sent me a link to a very sad article. Conde Nast is ending Domino due to our lovely economy.

While he may be happy because I'll no longer be asking him if I can decorate our living room in navy blue with fuschia zebra print pillows... or if we can get a 1940s glam look in our bedroom with mirrored furniture, I am most upset by the news.

And of course I can't find supporting pictures on their website... but I promise you I tore out the picture of the bed and it's in my decor files at home!

What's In A Name...

At the ripe old age of 22 I was having a major "quarter-life crisis". I had just quit my first "real" job out of college which had left me jaded about finding a career, finding self-sufficiency, etc. etc. I was planning a big move back home (which isn't bad, I love my hometown, love my family, love my house) when one night I decided I should travel somewhere.

Two weeks or so later I was in Santiago, Chile visiting one of my amazing friends who was living and working there. Looking for an adventure, we went North of Santiago to camp at this tiny fishing village (population 14). To say that it was beautiful would not even come close. We pitched our tent with the mountains behind us, the ocean in front of us, and a the little restaurant far to our left.

After a week of hiking the gorgeous desert mountains while bemoaning my choice to be unemployed, watching fishing boats while wondering if she was putting of "real life" by living in Chile, and drawing in the sand for hours while generally freaking out about life we realized that this was all pretty freakin neat. If we had been going down "typical" paths- picking a career out of college and sticking with it, living in one place, settling down, etc than we would never have been able to experience any of this.

The "ah-ha" moment? We were sitting on a huge rock looking out over the ocean and discussing how we wanted to get some fish for dinner. At the restaurant this old fisherman would take a fish off the boat, take into his kitchen and cook it up and serve it-- it does not get fresher than that. We adopted the battle cry "Eat Fish and Don't Be Boring", to us that summed it all up. Be with people you love, go places and do things that inspire you and never ever be bored with your life.