Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something Delicious...

I found this lovely WikiHow through a Facebook post and had to give it a try. Plus I love any excuse to use and show off my Zebra Mugs!

First the mugs. They are getting a little old and chipped but I find them fantastic. They were one of the first purchases my dad made as he outfitted his kitchen when I was 10. When you're 10, Zebra Mugs are pretty much the best thing ever (I have no excuse as to why I find them so fabulous now). When it came time to stock my own kitchen I tore through all our old dishes in the attic and barn until I found these guys again. Much to Adam's dismay, I use them every day (and he refuses to touch them).

Now the yummy stuff. I won't go through all the details, as you can see those on the WikiHow: How to Make Cake in a Mug. We tried the Hot Chocolate Cake and the Chocolate Cake. The Hot Chocolate Cake won out and probably because we used a fantastic Double Cream Hot Chocolate Mix. It really isn't that much easier than making an actual cake, but it's good for when you just need a "little bit" of chocolate and don't trust yourself around a double layer cake of chocolatey goodness.

A couple of notes: I'm sure it depends on your microwave, but the top of my cake never looked dry like it does in the WikiHow directions, so the first time I overcooked it. The stop still looked wet, but the inside was bone dry. And both times I got that bizarre lump on one side, I have no idea why!

Next time I want to dry it with a dollop of peanut butter in the center... mmmm

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