Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Embracing Winter...

I'm ready for it to be summer or at the very least spring. If I had my way it would start snowing the two days before Thanksgiving and stop the day after Valentine's Day with a particularly heavy snow fall on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Day. Instead I have to face the fact that it's only the end of January and spring is still a few months off and embrace the cold.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to cozy up at home and pair sparkly metallics and crystal with comfort food and warm drinks (just because your decor is fancy, doesn't mean your food has to be over-the-top as well!)

Use these two pieces to kick-start your inspiration: The icicle crystals (from Vivaterra.com) would look beautiful hung with votives on a vase of Mitsumata branches. Keep up the "icy" feel with silver chargers and napkin rings and glass or bright white plates set on a dark blue (extra points if its irridescent!) tablecloth. Place these snowball candle holders (from cb2.com) around the table for extra glow. Serve drinks and food that are best enjoyed on a frigid evening: big bowls of chili, individual ramekins of macaroni and cheese, crusty loaves of bread and mulled cider or hot cocoa!

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