Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fantastic find...

While Perusing my blogs today I came across Pia Jane Bijkerk's "enhance everday" blog {via .v blog} and it's another fabulous one to add to the roll. She does beautiful work but beyond that... she lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam. Houseboat in Amsterdam. House. Boat. In. Amsterdam. This has always been one of my travel dreams. Check out my scrapbook from Amsterdam and it's probably 90% houseboats with reasons why I would want to live in each one.

Anyways, she was featuring this application called Poladroid. It's a fabulously fun app that turns your digital photos into Polaroid-esque shots. It couldn't be easier to use and true to Polaroid form you have to wait for your photos to develop. I love the vintage quality to them!

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