Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the Love of Faux Bois...

For some reason the sight of Faux Bois, used appropriately of course, makes me so very happy. It has to be used in the right manner though-- I do not like fake wood where real wood should be, including (but not limited to): furniture, hardwood flooring, jewelry where real wood could work (this breaks down further-- if faux bois is etched into silver I'm okay with that, if it's printed with brown/neutral tones I am not), kitchen accessories, etc.

However, I love it when you least expect it like in these photos below. It stands out, it makes you do a double take... (Clockwise L to R):
- This Faux Bois clutch by keykalou is a fantastic addition to your handbag collection.
- These notecards at the rockscisoorpaper store have been bookmarked in my favorites for a couple of years now. Something about the teal woodgrain is so freakin fun!
- I have to bow down before both the bride and groom that served this beautiful cake at their wedding and the baker that pulled off this delightful creation. To me this is a perfect use of Faux Bois. Of course you would never confuse this cake with being made of real wood, but the effect makes it stand far apart from other wedding cakes. (Photograph by Kyle Hale via Once Wed blog).
- Another etsy gem (ameliamae): a lovely Faux Bois print on canvas.
- I love this fabric by Moda. My dream is to use it as a headboard... which borders on the line of misuse of Faux Bois, but I think the blue-grey coloring with appropriate stuffing would keep it on the safe side!

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